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Mefasan is a private company providing excellent quality mechanical machined and welded parts, components, assies, sub-assies, and services manufactured under high quality engineering and manufacturing environment for defense and aerospace companies.

Mefasan, with her competetive operations, strong manufacturing and quality background, and dedication to meet and exceed customer expectations, cooperates with decent members of the sector in many strategic project and programs.

Mefasan operates in her own main facility with 2500 square meter production area under one roof in the Ankara Başkent Industrial zone (Başkent OSB) and, realizes her investments to the purpose within the frame of her dedication to continuous improvement,


Aiming continuous improvement and increasing customer satisfaction, with all our personnel, to provide products and services that meet quality and on time delivery requirements for our esteemed clients.

To be a leader manufacturer company for Aerospace and Defense Industries by maintaining customer satisfaction.


kalite politikamız ve değerlerimizkalite politikamız ve değerlerimizkalite politikamız ve değerlerimiz


To provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations with our continuously improving quality system.

Our commitment to continual improvement of our process and products embodied in our on time delivery policy for the product and services that meet customer requirements.


Customer satisfaction:
We will strive at all times to conform to our customer’s specifications and give them reliable and value-for-money products.

We will maintain continuous quality improvement in all what we do.

We will always be ready to share our surpassing and deep experiences with our customers

Everyone is important, we respect our people, customers and stakeholders and the trust they have placed in us.

We strive to be the leader company in all aspects that we do.

We know success and improvement can only be achieved through working together.

Integrity and high ethical standards:
Mefasan will exhibit sound moral principles, and respect the laws as well as conform to all professional standards in the conduct of all her business.


Top Management Commitment StatementTop Management Commitment StatementTop Management Commitment Statement

We will remain strongly committed to engaging with the promises to our customers, stakeholders and personel through lean manufacturing philosophy in every step we make.

We are aware of the impossibility of serving for the future with today's technology, therefore we make our investments with tomorrow's technology in mind.

We strive to provide products and services that satisfy or exceed our customers' expectations by continuously improving our product and process quality with our lean management implementations.

Training studies are very important for us. We want our personel to be ready to easily adapt to future's technology.

We care about the establishement of our substructure ready to meet the changeable needs of defense and aerospace industries in flexibility and capability.

In confidence of our successful accomplishements in every mission that we shall take part, we are proud of being in serve of aerospace and defense industries.

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